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Dr. Virginia Yeh


Dr. Yeh started “All Family Dentistry” 21 years ago, and has gained the trust, loyalty, and respect of the residents of Simi Valley and surrounding areas through her commitment to quality dentistry, professionalism, ethical business practices, and sincere care for the patient.  She is constantly improving and enhancing her techniques as new information and technologies in dentistry emerge.

Dr. Yeh is a 1976 Loma Linda University School of Dentistry Graduate, and has been specially trained in Cosmetic Dentistry at LVI, Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.

Dr. Yeh has been certified by the Consumers' Research Council of America to be one of America's Top Dentists.

The Consumers' Research Council of America is a Washington, D.C. based research organization that provides consumers with information guides for professional services throughout America. Its purpose is to help educate and assist consumers in obtaining the finest professional services.

The Consumers’ Research Council of America has compiled an accurate list of Top Dentists throughout the United States by utilizing a value system. The criteria they deemed valuable in determining Top Dentists are as follows:

  1. Experience: Length of time in practice and contributions to advancements in dentistry.

  2. Training: Educational background and dedication to Continuing Education

  3. Board Certification: ADA recognized Dental specialties

  4. Professional Associations: Membership in Dental associations

Did you know that Dr. Yeh is specially trained in Cosmetic Dentistry?

America’s Top Dentist

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